Who needs stately homes to feel a million dollars? Trust us, all you need is a chesterfield sofa. If you want to feel like the lord of the manor, forget about winning the lottery. The chances of that happening are remote, to say the least. Anyway, if the evidence in BBC’s latest series of the Syndicate is anything to go by; money can’t buy you love, or happiness, or security or peace of mind come to that. Spend your money on a timeless piece of British craftsmanship instead and buy yourself an iconic chesterfield settee. You’ll get just as much satisfaction from owning one of the little beauties, but you’ll also still have enough in the bank to indulge yourself occasionally.
But why choose a chesterfield sofa? Well, it’s simple really. The Chesterfield sofa encapsulates everything that is truly great about Britain: tradition, craftsmanship and quality. They’re tough and resilient and transcend fashions. The true beauty of a traditional Chesterfield settee, however, is that it is infinitely versatile. Think of a chesterfield sofa as a modern-day chameleon. They can blend in with any decorative scheme, whether that’s contemporary or traditional. They have the history, pedigree and classic lines traditionalists demand, but look equally good in a modern setting, regardless of how minimal or industrial that setting might be.
If you buy your chesterfield settee from the Chesterfield Sofa Company we can guarantee you’ll never regret it. How can we be so sure? Well, simply because we place great value on quality and tradition. They are what our business is based on. Every one of our leather chesterfield sofas and chesterfield chairs has been made with the greatest care and attention to detail. We use only the finest quality materials, like seasoned timbers and full-hide superior leathers, and then team this with traditional, time-served British craftsmanship. We continue this attention to detail throughout the construction process and even hand-nail every stud to guarantee quality assurance.
So sit back and relax in comfort on your chesterfield sofa. You can have all the benefits of the high life without any of the drawbacks. You don’t have to fret about the estate or concern yourself about historic missing heirlooms. Let Lord Hazelwood do the worrying. They’re Hazelwood family problems after all. You just sit and content yourself with your own piece of history, and keep your fingers crossed that your own numbers do finally come up this week.

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