Paul Weller Leather Chesterfield Wing Chair

Timeless, iconic, British, stylish, evocative, classy…of course we’re talking about the Chesterfield Wing Chair! Mr Weller’s looking sharp too! Credit: Photograph by GQ Magazine.

What have chesterfield sofas and rock and roll got in common? Well, it’s simple: they’re both resilient to aging. Don’t believe us? Well, you weren’t watching this year’s Glastonbury coverage on the TV then. The Who, Paul Weller, Suede and Florence and the Machine all smashed it, clearly demonstrating that whilst form might be temporary; class is permanent. And, what’s more, like a classic chesterfield settee, they’re British through and through. Ah, but what about Lionel Richie you’re probably asking? He’s American and he still wooed the Pyramid crowd. Well, we grant you he pulled a flanker there, much to the audience’s surprise and Lionel’s, if the look on his face is anything to go by. But that simply reinforces the case, that certain things can and do get better as they get older.

If you were watching the Stones fill this same spot a couple of years ago, you probably thought that things don’t necessarily improve with age. But we’d have to disagree with you on that. Age may not have been kind or particularly forgiving to Mick or Keith’s looks, but they’ve lived the life and can still perform and rock a stadium. The good news is that’s something you won’t have to concern yourself with when you buy one of our leather chesterfield sofas. Our range of finest quality leathers are fortunately rather more robust than Mick and the boys, and can withstand life’s excesses rather more forgivingly. The older and more crinkled your leather chesterfield settee gets, the better it will look.

So what makes the Chesterfield Sofa Company’s leather chesterfield sofas so hard-wearing? Well, it’s simple down to the quality of the leathers we use. We’ve said it before – but it’s worth repeating none the less, we don’t use demicks – or off-cuts stitched together, if that makes it any easier to understand. We only use full hide quality leathers in the production of our leather chesterfield sofas, settees and chairs. We always strive to deliver the best, and as far as we’re concerned you’ll only produce the finest products if you use the best possible materials.

By using full hides, we can guarantee quality and uniformity. This means that our customers know that the colour, lustre, finish and texture will always be guaranteed no matter how old it gets. What’s more full hides also guarantee strength and integrity. Chesterfield sofas created using scraps of leather may be cheaper, but the fact is they will never have the same kind of resilience to wear and tear as those manufactured using full hides. The more seams there are, the more likely they’ll prove to be problematic. It stands to reason that like an aging rock star there will inevitably be issues at some stage with problems like seam splitting, tearing, uneven wear, fading, colour changes and even potentially sagging. That isn’t an issue we have ever needed to address.

So if you’re considering buying a new sofa to replace your cheap battered and bruised leather chesterfield sofa, ‘don’t be fooled again’. Accept no ‘substitute’, and look no further than the Chesterfield Sofa Company. When you buy from us, you know you can buy with confidence because you’re buying one of ‘the beautiful ones’. We’ve built our reputation of quality and longevity, and we’re determined to maintain that reputation.

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