Saxon Chesterfield Sofa

If you were to ask any member of the Baratheon, Tarrgaryen, Lannister or Stark families what they truly desired, they’d probably come up with the old throwaway line that their only real desire in life and their only goal was to sit on the iron throne.

Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they? Years of history and bitter infighting dictates that answer. But deep down we know that all of them, if they were being honest and true to themselves would’ve much rather have had a comfortable velvet chesterfield sofa, given the choice.

After all, where’s the appeal in a throne made of iron? It’s hard and uncomfortable, inflexible and unforgiving. What’s worse is it doesn’t look that great either.

A velvet chesterfield sofa, on the other hand, is stylish, luxurious, comfortable and glamorous. Forget the party line they all seem to tow, we’re pretty confident if push came to shove, Cersei, Sansa and Daenerys would all opt for the velvet chesterfield sofa if they claimed the crown. They like their velvet and plush fabrics, so it’s a no-brainer as far as we can see.

What about the male characters? Well, the jury’s still out on Ser Jaime: he strikes us as more utilitarian – in the mould of Ned Stark. However, we’re pretty confident that Tyrion would jump on the chesterfield bandwagon, given his love of lounging around and doing as little as possible. If you’re going to lounge, then do it in style we say.

What colour velvet chesterfield sofa is the most regal?

If the Lannisters, Starks or Tarrgaryens did inherit the throne and opt for a velvet chesterfield sofa throne, what colour would they choose? What colour sofa is the most regal? Blue is the obvious choice. Only blue-blooded people usually sit on the throne after all.

We’re pretty sure Cersei would choose this colour as we’ve seen she’s definitely partial to a bit of blue in her dress sense. As for Sansa, we think she would go for a more muted, earthy colour as she seems to like sombre tones and shades. Perhaps a brown velvet chesterfield sofa might suit her best, or a rich burgundy red.

When it comes to Daenerys the choice is more difficult. She certainly seems to have a thing about fire, so maybe a deep red or burnt orange might suit her style. She’s been through a lot in her young and turbulent life, so perhaps a soothing pastel shaded velvet chesterfield sofa might help to ease her troubled brow.

Whatever style or colour any of these characters chose, what can never be disputed is that a velvet chesterfield sofa would make a stylish and suitable throne whoever eventually gets to sit on it. The velvet chesterfield sofa has got history and pedigree on its side, and it most definitely looks regal and fit for a queen or king.

Our advice to the characters of the 7 Kingdoms is this; forget about the dragons and the warring factions and ignore the direwolves and white walkers. Get yourselves a comfy velvet chesterfield sofa.

Whatever fears and concerns you might have, everything looks and feels better when you can relax and put your feet up for a while. Everything around you might be in a state of flux, but you’ll always be able to rely on a trusty and stylish chesterfield sofa. Your subjects might ultimately let you down, but the velvet chesterfield sofa will stay faithful and just keep on doing what it does best.


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