chesterfield history

Chesterfield sofas date back as far as the 18th Century, when Lord Stanhope, a nobleman known for his unique sense of style, commissioned the first Chesterfield sofa with deep buttoning and a low seat, upholstered in quilted leather. The classic leather Chesterfield sofa came into fashion in its own right in the 19th Century, after spring coils were introduced. Chesterfields have long now been considered an icon of traditional British fashion, being featured in gentleman’s clubs up and down the country for over 200 years.

While Chesterfield sofas might have lulled in popularity a little during the latter half of the 20th Century – due in no small part to the fashion blip that we call the 1970s – they’re clearly making a comeback as we move further into the 21st. Between hit shows like Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey, and Boardwalk Empire, traditional styles are back in fashion and with it comes the classic elegance of the Chesterfield sofa. Interior designers and consumers alike are choosing Chesterfields for their classic comfort and distinctive design.

Despite being a traditional model, Chesterfield sofas are today compatible with a range of styles. Of course, they’re still at home in a classic, 19th Century living room or study, surrounded by dark tones and deep oak furniture, but some of the greatest modern design today combines contemporary style with classic detail, or vice versa. There’s no reason not to include a Chesterfield sofa in your minimalist penthouse apartment or sleek new build home. Our sofas and chairs are also available in over 100 different leathers, meaning it’s not hard to find a colour and material which fits your decor.

Not in the market for a sofa, but have space for an armchair? We also build bespoke Chesterfield wing back chairs , a classy and timeless ‘armchair’ style take on the traditional Chesterfield style. Whether you want to bring a touch of Thomas Shelby to your living room or simply want a comfortable but stylish place to curl up with a book after work, our handcrafted Chesterfield chairs will fit the bill. A compact but eye-catching armchair is an effective way to bring style and distinction to your living area without compromising on space. We even build Chesterfield sofa beds if you’re keen to be even more efficient in a small space.

The Chesterfield Sofa Company is a market leader in producing high quality, handmade Chesterfield sofas built to your exact specifications in the UK. Our bespoke Chesterfield sofas all come with a 10-year guarantee, proving our dedication to quality, durability, and good craftsmanship. If you’re keen to explore our range of Chesterfield sofas, feel free to browse our online showroom or get in touch for a chat about your unique requirements. We can build Chesterfields that are exactly perfect for you, including customising your sofa’s measurements and upholstery.

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