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How do you create a stress-free Christmas dinner? How do you negotiate the inevitable arguments that start as soon as the last drop of sherry is drained from the bottle? One of your main challenges could be to have the right number of dining chairs to seat the horde you’ve invited. It’s an age-old problem with many different solutions used over the years. Here are some of the most remarkable. You never know, several of these may save your yuletide bacon.

Raid The Shed

Well before Christmas day, you’ll have mothballed your deckchairs and garden furniture to the back of the shed. You assumed you wouldn’t need them until next summer. Alas no! With so many guests coming, it’s time to drag them out. If you failed to spruce them up before storage, you might also have to get the mould cleaner out. And pity the unfortunate sucker who has to sit on the one with the dodgy leg.

A Christmas Breakfast?

Do you have a breakfast bar? One furnished with those high chairs that you occasionally use to enjoy a leisurely brunch. If so, it looks like someone’s going to get a bird’s eye view of your Christmas extravaganza. Perched high above the other guests feeling exposed and slightly humiliated. Maybe put kids on these, and it’ll be just OK. Not ideal though is it?

An Official Christmas

gainsborough leather chesterfield office chair

Pictured: Gainsborough Office Chair in Antique Green Leather

If you have a home office, then you’ll no doubt have an office chair. Seems ideal; comfortable, height-adjustable, and designed for all-day use. Phew, you think, that’ll work. Just wait until the occupant gets drunk and comically spins around before attempting a Dalek impression. Soon they’ll be scooting around the Christmas table saying ‘exterminate, exterminate’. Good grief!

An Exercise In Futility

It’s not unknown for some to use one of those inflatable gym balls as an emergency Christmas chair. Can you imagine that? Some poor chump teetering around on such an unstable platform. Sure, it’ll be funny when their heels finally give way, and they slide unceremoniously under the table. But don’t forget, it’s your carpet their dinner’s going to land on.

An Arm Chair

windsor leather chesterfield wing chair

Pictured: Windsor Leather Chesterfield Wing Back Chair

Surely an option for the truly desperate. Using your best chairs from the living room. Maybe you have a stately Chesterfield Wing Back Chair that you can place at the head of the table. We suggest that you sit on this. It’s the perfect place to observe the Christmas chaos happening in your home. We’re sure the only words that will be going through your head will be ‘never again’. Pictured – Chesterfield Wing Back Chairs

Can I Borrow?

At last a moment of inspiration. Ask your lovely neighbours if you can borrow some dining chairs. It’s the perfect solution. So you stick your head over the garden fence to make your request. Trouble is you find they’re in the shed pulling out some garden chairs. Sound familiar? Oh dear.

Don’t Worry

This all sounds a bit fraught. However, in truth the most important thing at Christmas is friends and family getting together to enjoy each other’s company. You’ll be surprised how flexible people can be so don’t worry. The festive meal will soon be over, and you can all settle down on your Chesterfield sofa to enjoy a Christmas movie. If you want to make a quick investment in some extra chairs call the Chesterfield Sofa Company team today on 0800 035 9889 or 01706 211 182 and ask about our versatile tub chairs that make excellent dining seating too. While you’re on, why not order yourself some other brilliant Chesterfield furniture to cheer yourself up over the festive season. And do remember, once you’ve had your turn at Christmas dinner you’re off the hook for a year or two. So why not enjoy yourself!

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