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As a good friend once said to me, ‘If you want the best seat in the house, you’ll have to move the dog!’ – never a truer word spoken! But then you ask, ‘How to protect your leather chesterfield furniture from pets?’

Anybody that lives with a pet knows the daily terror caused when they happen to leap onto your favourite furniture piece! The scratches, the scuffs and the general mess and damage this can result in. 

But you adore both your pet and the Chesterfield sofa, so a dilemma ensues. How do you ensure full leather protection from your pets? Here’s some handy tips that will hopefully make yours (and your sofa’s life) a little easier…

Your Chesterfield – your pride and joy!

As our previous article illustrated (not that you needed any more persuading!) your Chesterfield, upon coming into your life, will become your pride and joy! You’ll want to show it off to everybody and rightly so! It’s a true life-time investment piece after all. 

However, your furry companions may potentially share the same excitement, to your peace of mind’s detriment, not to mention your luxurious Chesterfield’s too! Fear not, there are many ways you can live with complete peace of mind, as we can ensure your sofa’s full protection, in order for it to live a full and prosperous life with you!

Your choice is golden!

Firstly, in choosing a leather-based sofa, you’ve already switched your thinking cap on and invested in the best, most suitable decision for you and your pet. When it comes to deciding on furniture composition and materials, microfiber and leather sofas are always at the top of the ‘pet-proof’ list! So well done you! 

Of course, there are different types of leather, however, leather on the whole is incredibly versatile and useful in terms of minimising pet-inflicted damage. 

High quality grain leather will undoubtedly prove to be sturdier than other alternatives. This is because it is far less likely to crack, tear or rip – hence making it friendly for those furry companions with claws! 

Did you know, you can also ask for a protective finish to be applied to your leather furniture, guaranteeing you that little bit more peace of mind!

Now I’ve settled on a leather Chesterfield, just how durable is leather furniture with pets?

Another pivotal question that you need total peace of mind in answering is the above. As established, a Chesterfield is a luxurious, investment piece. As such, it needs to provide life-time durability for your whole family, including pets. Luckily, the durability of leather furniture with pets is actually one of its many unique selling points! 

Unlike fabric sofas, your leather sofa won’t attract the many, countless hairs shed by your furry friend! It’s also much easier to clean and maintain an excellent standard of hygiene. A simple wipe down will help you get rid of most pet related stains, (such as mud and dirt sneakily dragged in from your back garden, not to mention those Winter walks outside!) 

Combined with this, leather furniture is significantly more resistant when it comes to pet odour. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a visitor coming over and noticing the whiff of wet dog as they rest on your Chesterfield! (Unless you don’t wish for them to visit again!)

Our top tip on how to protect your leather Chesterfield furniture from pets: Cleaning is caring!

This applies to both your Chesterfield sofa and your furry companion. Cleaning is essential and at the heart of maintaining your sofa, or any leather furniture for that matter. Both the furniture and your friend need regular, dedicated cleaning – especially in those troublesome, hard to reach areas! 

Clean the leather sofa regularly 

This option is most effective and more suitable for households that still want their pets on their leather couch. Because saying no to those puppy dog eyes is harder said than done – we understand, we’re human too! It is a known fact that leather items require great care, and if you want to protect the leather furniture from damages, you should get ready for regular cleaning. See it as prevention is better than cure! 

You could set yourself a weekly cleaning schedule to get off your pets’ furs from the leather furniture. Get a specific, designated leather cleaner or any suitable leather furniture cleaner and conditioner and wipe off dirt, dust, furs, and pet urine off the leather. Wiping is a simple way of ensuring maintained cleaning. 

Depending on your financial budget, there are many cleaning routes and solutions available. From hiring specialised leather furniture teams, to buying your own cleaning equipment and doing it daily. Again, the options are personalised to you and your life, just as your Chesterfield is!

More information on various cleaning options for your leather piece can be found in this article –

Grooming your fur babies!

Ever consider the importance of a manicure for your digits? Well, your loved one is no different – Pet manicures! No seriously, definitely keep your doggy’s or feline’s nails clean and short. Some leathers, such as a full-aniline model, look incredible when they get a little marked up – it adds to their character and uniqueness! 

However, less fortunately, leathers, like a semi-aniline series, present a stronger, more groomed look that can be easily and instantly sullied by a claw mark. 

While most claw marks can be buffed out with a clean cloth, why not save yourself the trouble? Your local groomer likely offers nail clipping along with a regular cut – it pays to ask! 

Fur control:
Dogs shed – simple as that. It’s one of life’s simply unavoidable truths. Especially if you live in a place with distinct seasons. Minimise that dreaded build-up of dog hair on your Chesterfield leather by giving your dog a thorough brush. Simply put, this needs to be done as often as possible. Once a day is ideal, but once a week will do too. 

The good news is that the hair does just sit atop the leather. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we recommend the option of removing pet hair by donning a pair of slightly damp rubber kitchen gloves and running them along the couch seat. Rinse, repeat. And with any good habit, the more you do it, the quicker and more slick the process will become!

Leather is limitless!

Leather has so many USPs just by its very existence! It has natural features that will protect your sofa from pets. It’s hardwearing and easy to clean, Leather naturally repels fur, stains and odours. Your pets are also less likely to scratch leather, as there is less purchase available for their claws.

Entice them with alternatives

Pets are like toddlers – easily entertained and even more easily distracted! Give them an alternative to your new leather Chesterfield, such as chew toys, pet beds and rewards as far away from your sofa as possible! 

The more they get used to their new space, preferably as far away from the sofa as possible, the easier life will become for you all! The best way to keep your dog from damaging your leather couch is to look for other alternative places for you and your pet to cuddle or play.

Specific pet ‘beds’ and training 

You can also get a bed that’s specifically designed for your dog (or cat) and fill it with toys to encourage your pet to stay there. Fill it with chew toys as well, so your dog will have something to chew on whenever it feels like it. Chewing really does relieve their boredom and provide hours of priceless entertainment for them! 

You can even get a stylish dog bed in a colour to match your leather sofa. But don’t forget, training may also be required to ensure your dog stays in the parameters of its own bed. 

Buying couch covers 

If the above are tried, tested and failed, don’t worry as you can always buy a cover for your beloved Chesterfield.

Buying covers is a great way to protect your sofa from pets. Throws, cushions, and pet blankets will preserve the sofa’s fabric and let your pet enjoy the sofa with you for however long you let them.

Covers proves especially useful when you’re away from home, to minimise any damage at all. As well as protection from your pet’s paws and claws, they also prove to be effective at controlling odours that can creep into your new piece. Use them when you’re away to reduce the damage from sneaky pet offensives. 

Another benefit is buying your pet protection measures could also be bang on trend. That way, your sofa will be totally fabulous, all year round, as Chesterfields were designed to be!

Once the damage is done – tips for repairing pet damaged leather furniture

Despite your best efforts, sometimes accidents happen. Don’t fret however, as this section is here to save your day. All you need is to grab your leather repair kit and follow the fixing process below.

  • Clean the damaged leather, wiping off dirt and dust from the surface
  • Prepare the scratched leather with a conditioner and soften the leather This action will ensure the leather takes in the solution
  • Please use leather glue for tears to bind the leather piece together; apply it thoroughly to keep the leather fibres in place
  • To maintain the colour of the leather couch after fixing it, use a suitable leather paint.

Our last word – because ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of stain remover’ 

You’ll also need to invest in dog training. Consistency is the key, but consistency + enforcement is easier said than done. We’ve collected all kinds of owner-training tips — keep closed jars of treats around the house so you can always reward good behaviour, for example — but really, the best training tips are the ones that work for you and your pet.

The good news for your sofa/dog dilemma is that leather wears in, whereas fabrics wear out. Be prepared to set your expectations and be realistic about your dog. If you know your dog is going to make his couch your couch … go with the full-aniline leather. 

You can also help preserve the look of your Chesterfield with our handy tips on leather sofa maintenance.

As always, we pride ourselves on our expert leather knowledge and experience, so please feel free to give us a call about exploring your options.

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