It was believed Sigmund Freud used a Chesterfield sofa to sit his patients on during their hypnotherapy sessions. This where probably where we associate a chesterfield in treatment rooms and waiting rooms. In art we see nudes draped across a Chesterfield sofa creating a romantic vision, soft to touch, the curved arms. Is there something intrinsically luxurious and old fashioned about a Chesterfield sofa? I believe so. Have you heard of the Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy? Arthur Dent the main character, used a time travelling sofa! To transport him through time and space. It was reported on the BBC news of two hand carved brick built Chesterfield sofas have been made and sit proudly in a £70m shopping development in an Oxfordshire town. There has even been a touring theatre company that has a Chesterfield sofa on the top of their van. If you have ever visited stately homes, castles, palaces you will no doubt see a Chesterfield sofa encased in these beautiful surroundings. Yet also they are seen in trendy clubs, bars, and coffee shops. Hot of the press the Chesterfield Sofa Company have made a grass Chesterfield! Yes a full size grass Chesterfield. You won’t seen this at Wimbledon being adorned with the rich and famous eating strawberry’s and cream, but it has been done. Why not have a Chesterfield sofa in your home? After your house and car your sofa is another large expense in your everyday life. It should be seen as an investment. Chesterfields have taken on a new twist and slant and you now have the option to have exactly what you want, chose your style, fabric and think of the theme? How do you want to feel while snuggled up reading or watching TV? We have the ability to make unique Chesterfield sofas. So get funky with a Chesterfield sofa!]]>

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