chesterfield sofa garden furniture The seven foot long hollow concrete couch is an exact replica of a traditional leather Chesterfield sofa and takes a week to manufacture. It even comes with its own concrete 50 pence piece stuck modern the back of the cushions. Creator, and co-owner of Gray Concrete, Steve Jones, believes the design will prove to be popular, particularly once people realise just how comfortable the couch is: “We just did it as a way of showing how flexible concrete can actually be and what a diverse tool it is. We’ve developed a specialised kind of concrete which is reinforced and allows us to create a very thin concrete casting – we’ve used the same process to make concrete wallpaper. When you say ‘concrete’ to most people they usually think of multi-storey car parks, but through our fine mix and special moulding techniques we want to show how far you can push the material. It would make a great garden feature and believe it or not, it’s actually very comfy.” He added: “The mould-making techniques pick up every accurate detail, so every little fold in the leather is picked out, and the surface to the touch does make it feel leathery – just a little harder. There is a fun aspect to it too, in making something out of the wrong material, such as creating a piece of soft furnishing out of concrete. We believe the sofa has commercial legs – it has had a lot of positive feedback and we can see it going into a lot of gardens as an interesting piece of furniture.” So, if you too love your Chesterfield sofa so much that you can’t bear to be parted from it, have a look in your nearest garden centre soon. It might not be what you’d call traditional garden seating, bit it certainly looks a lot better than a deck chair.]]>

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