At the Chesterfield Sofa Company our mission is to provide you with craftsmen built furniture that is designed to give you many years of luxury and service. With our furniture we’re sure that by using the following simple hints and tips on how to clean a leather sofa there’s no reason why your Chesterfield shouldn’t last for several generations offering you and your family a constant and comfortable place to relax and let the cares of everyday life simply drift away. In fact well cared for leather furniture has the added advantage that it will look even better over the years as it develops a unique patina built up by giving you many hours of homely relaxation.

Cleaning a leather sofa – just relax!

There’s no need to be concerned about how to clean a leather sofa it’s not rocket science. You simply have to be methodical and use the correct tools and products. What’s more, it shouldn’t take too long, maybe an hour or so, two or three times a year. That’s really all that’s required to keep your leather sofa in tip-top condition

How to clean a leather sofa – preparation

Right let’s get going. Start by thoroughly vacuuming your leather sofa using a soft brush attachment or nozzle. Go carefully ensuring that you extract all the crumbs that may have accumulated in the button recesses and piping lines. Whilst you’re there you can use a crevice tool to do the back and side sections under the cushions. You never know you might find a fiver and that’ll really make your day! Now use a damp natural or microfibre cloth to gently wipe the surface to remove any loose dust and other detritus. Done that? OK let’s give that leather sofa a good clean.

How to clean a leather sofa – deep clean

Now you can start to deep clean your Chesterfield. You’ll need some mild simple detergent. Those designed for washing delicate clothes or Saddle soap (which also contains oils and waxes) are suitable options. Of course, there are specialist products you can buy so do feel free to call us on 0161 341 0398 and we’ll be happy to advise you. In a bowl, dilute the detergent to a ratio of approximately eight parts clean warm water to one of detergent (or as the manufacturer advises). Use a natural or microfibre cloth to apply the solution sparingly. Gently wipe the leather being careful not to saturate the surface turning and wringing the cloth often. Work methodically doing sections at a time and blotting any water that gathers in buttonholes or piping lines immediately. After completing a section, use another cloth to wipe it down with clean water to remove all the soap residue Once complete, allow the sofa to dry naturally if possible. It won’t take too long. Why not have a cup of tea and a biscuit before moving to the next stage?

How to clean a leather sofa – conditioning

Leather sofas like all leather products are prone to drying out if not conditioned every now and then. A bit like human beings in fact! So, as the final stage when you clean a leather sofa, use a clean lint-free cloth to apply a good quality leather conditioner. We supplied some leather creamer when you bought your sofa but if you have misplaced it get in touch to and we can provide some more. Apply the creamer sparingly, again in sections, gently working the product into the leather making sure all parts are treated. Allow the conditioner to dry and you’re done. You can now stand back and admire how clean your leather sofa is safe in the knowledge you’ve done the right things to keep it in excellent condition. Hopefully, it goes without saying if you invest a few hours each year to spruce up your Chesterfield furniture it will reward you by giving years of trouble free service. Well done you!]]>

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