chesterfield sofas and chairs better than us. We manufacture and produce the most comprehensive range of chesterfield furniture in the North West, and can offer pretty much any design or finish you could ever wish for. Whether you’re looking for a traditional leather chesterfield chaise longues, or a fabric-covered chesterfield Wing chair, traditional leather chesterfield sofas or a contemporary chesterfield settee, we’ve got it covered. The only thing we can’t offer is an iron throne. So apologies to all you Game of Thrones devotees out there. Chesterfield sofas; everything but the Iron Throne Why don’t we manufacture an iron chesterfield sofa? Well, apart from the fact that we suspect it would be extremely uncomfortable, we really don’t like to tread on anyone’s toes. We’d take our chances against almost anyone, but we feel we have to draw the line when it comes to taking on the likes of the Tarrgaryens or the Baratheons. We wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Tywin, Cersei or Stanis, nor for that matter would we fancy mixing it with the Dothrakis or what remains of the Starks: those who did quickly discovered that life is well and truly short when you step on the wrong toes. We’re much happier keeping our counsel and sticking round to at least watch season 6. So we’ll stick to manufacturing what we do best. If you want a leather chesterfield sofa, we offer a fantastic range, comprising 100 of the finest quality leathers. We also offer 2,000 fabrics to cater for all styles, budgets and all tastes. We offer a choice of classic leathers in every conceivable colour from our Birch, Birch Antique, Lena, Selvaggio and Rimini collections as well as the modern and contemporary collection – the Artemida range; a unique range of high-quality seri-graphed leather with different designs and surface textures. All our Chesterfield sofas and chairs are also available in a comprehensive range of fabrics from Ross Fabrics and Sunbury Design, as well as a range of sophisticated contemporary Fun Furs and Grass. Whatever colour, whatever style, whatever covering – bar iron: we’ve got it covered. So if you’re looking for your own iron throne, we’re sorry but we’re going to have to disappoint you. We can only offer you traditional classic Bolton, Coniston, Gladstone, London and Windsor chesterfield sofas and contemporary Durham, Era, Kensington, Deco and Virgin chesterfield settees. So accept our apologies, but remember this: it is better to have loved and lost and sat on a comfortable chesterfield sofa, than it is to have fought and thrived whilst sitting on an iron throne. You can keep the 7 kingdoms; we’re happy enough with just the one thank you.]]>

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