Wingback chairs have a rich history and are one of the oldest chair designs around. The distinctive wings acted as a kind of draught excluder in the days before central heating. They also offer a degree of privacy for the occupant. Maybe to help them keep a low profile as they plot their fiendish plans. Perhaps that’s why many Hollywood villains favour wingback chairs. Whatever you decide to use your wingback chair for, our buying guide will help you make the right choice for you and the way you live.

It’s All About Tradition

Did you read our blog about decorating a traditional style home? If so, you’ll already know that wingback chairs are perfect for this design choice. Wingback chairs made in rich, glossy leather are perfect for a traditional home adding weight and presence to the room. They perfectly complement the wood, brass and flock wallpaper of your traditional home. Put them in a reception room, and they’ll look great, irrespective of whether the room is for formal or informal use. So if you’re a person who favours the timeless simplicity of well-built, older style décor, then look no further. Order your wingback chairs today!

Wingback Chairs In The 21st Century

So far, so traditional. But if you think that one of these regal chairs has no place in a more modern setting, think again. As with many heritage designs, all that’s required is to add up-to-date touches and contemporary materials. Suddenly they become as fresh as a frosty morn. Have a look at our Mad Hatter range. All the benefits of an age-old design brought into the 21st century. Ready to add grace and value to any cutting-edge dwelling. Imagine sitting in one of these imposing creations. Leaning back as you sip a cocktail and peruse the twinkling cityscape from your high-tech apartment. Sounds good, yes?

There’s No Mistaking A Wingback

Whether you choose traditional or modern, fabric or leather upholstery there’s no mistaking a wingback chair. Tall, sturdy, and imposing are all words that roll off the tongue when you see one. Who wouldn’t want such a thing in their life? Add the superb build quality, and you’ll have a piece that will be going strong for generations.

It’s Your Tall Order

We hope our buying guide has helped you to choose your perfect chair. Buying a wingback means you’ll be getting a new member of the family. One that will offer back supportive comfort and undeniable style for many years to come. So now, you know why a wingback chair is a must-buy addition to any stylish home. With so much to offer, it’s much more than just a chair. So call today on 01706 874452, and place your order. We’ll make you some unique wingback chairs that will make you wonder how you did without them for so long. And you can be sure; when they’re in your home, they’ll be with you for a long, long time!]]>

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