The day has finally arrived. One you have been waiting for with great anticipation. You’ve cleared a space. The room is spic and span in readiness. You might have decorated the room, you’re so excited. Yes, your new Chesterfield sofa is due for delivery. Hoorah! Once it has pride of place in your living room, then the fun begins. You’ll enjoy the oohs and aahs from envious friends and neighbours. You’ll sit and watch as visitors massage the sumptuous leather and luxuriate in the superb comfort. Yes, your delivery day has been a good one. Unfortunately, others in the house are equally excited. But for a different reason. Whilst you see comfort and status in your sofa, your pets will see a large leather plaything. They cannot wait to lay waste to it. Your pets will immediately deploy their teeth and, claws. They’ll delight in spreading fur and depositing foul stains and smells. All to devastating effect. Soon your fabulous Chesterfield will be as shabby as a builder’s promise. So, to preserve your investment here are our top tips that will help you protect your sofa from those pesky pets. Let’s get on before it’s too late…

1. Give them Hell with leather

Choosing a pet-friendly sofa fabric will be a good decision. One you’ll make in the buying process. Leather or leatherette is a pragmatic choice. Leather has natural features that will protect your sofa from pets. It’s hardwearing and easy to clean (see our guide). Leather naturally repels fur, stains and odours. Your pets are also less likely to scratch leather, as there is less purchase for their claws. If you do get some pet damage on your leather sofa, it will be easier to live with. Indeed leather, with some wear and tear looks even better. Resplendent battle scars gained from giving great service to you and your pets. protect your sofa from pets

2. Just say No!

The best way to protect your sofa from pets is to keep them off it. For dogs, a bit of training and positive reinforcement should work in most cases. Keep trying and maybe provide the inviting alternative of a dog bed. With luck, all should be well. Cats, however, are a different breed. They care little for you or your sofa. Their aim is simple. Cause mayhem. You can try redirecting your cat’s destructive tendencies. It might help. Putting a cat scratcher near your sofa to divert them away is worth a try. Especially if you bait the trap with a touch of Catnip. However, make no mistake; a cat is not fooled for long. If they want the sofa, they’ll get it eventually. In which case you’ll need tip #3.

3. On your guard!

Arguably, the best way protect your sofa from pets is vigilance. We can’t know, of course, but your pets may be just as pleased with your new Chesterfield as you are. They just want to enjoy it in their own special way. Alas, that means adorning it with their musk and carving their marks into it. To prevent this, keep an eye out. Divert your pets when they approach your sofa. Lock the room when you’re not around. It’s time-consuming, and all the family will have to comply but needs must and all that!

4. Take Cover

Buying covers is a great way to protect your sofa from pets. Throws, cushions and pet blankets will preserve the sofa’s fabric and let your pet enjoy the sofa with you. Use them when you’re away to reduce the damage from sneaky pet offensives. Have you read some of our articles on interior design? If so, you’ll know, with careful buying your pet protection measures could also be bang on trend. That way, your sofa will be totally fabulous! protect your sofa from pets

5. Love your pets (and your sofa)

Let’s be realistic. If you’re a pet owner, you know it can get messy. That’s why we love them, isn’t it? So, to protect your sofa from pets give them the care they need. Regular grooming will minimise fur deposits. Wipe muddy paws after a walk and a regular doggy-bath will reduce smells. Trimming cats claws will help to avoid scratches. Doing the little things that keep your pet healthy and happy will work wonders for your sofa too. Your furry companions are worth the extra effort. Pets love a Chesterfield Sofa (and so will you)! We hope this blog has helped in the relentless pet vs sofa campaign. Suffice to say we can’t think of any other type of sofa more suited to a pet-friendly household than a hardwearing and comfortable Chesterfield. So if you or your cat or dog are in the market for some new furniture give us a call on 0800 035 9889. We’ll work our paws off to make you a Chesterfield sofa your pets will enjoy so much they won’t want to harm it. Well, maybe…]]>

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