The Chesterfield name is a true mark of quality in the world of home furniture. A classic Chesterfield settee is one where the arms and the back are of the same height. The name originates from the 18th century when Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned a bespoke leather, deep-buttoned settee of this type.
An October 2013 blog item on Chesterfield Sofa Company’s (CSC’s) website sums up the situation aptly enough. Some people call their principal item of household furniture the sofa, while others call it a settee or couch. But for many proud owners of this type of furniture, it is known simply as a true classic English piece of furniture.

This type of furniture has been around for a long time; but buying one need not mean that you are buying an old-fashioned piece. And although the original Chesterfields commissioned by the 4th Earl was made of leather, Chesterfields today are available today in a great variety of different fabrics, finishes and colours. Many contemporary sofas are available that stay true to the original Chesterfield shape, but which use modern fabrics and designs.
CSC Ltd. is one the largest manufacturers and suppliers of traditional English furniture in the UK. It offers not just settees, but also many different types of chair, such as office chairs, wing chairs, tub chairs, chaise longues and directors’ chairs. Sofa beds are also available.

CSC allows you to choose from a wide range of designs, leathers, fabrics and fillings. It even allows you to have the item tailored to your personal requirements should you want a larger, smaller, taller or deeper sofa or chair that will fit better into your living room.
Based in Lancashire, but offering delivery to almost any address in the UK and abroad, CSC has been making this kind of furniture to the highest standards for 35 years. All its furniture items are lovingly hand-crafted to your one of a kind specifications here in the heartland of England.

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