Futura’s ‘Artemida’ leather range. ‘We’re really impressed with the new designs’, said Chesterfield Sofa Company Director Ian Maguire. ‘Artemida’s designs have allowed our customers to create bespoke upholstery that takes leather furniture to new levels of sophistication and we’re sure that the new collection, which brings the Artemida designs we offer to forty, will inspire even more people to take a critical look at their existing interior design.’ In addition to the interest shown by the general public, Chesterfield Sofa Company’s stylish application of Artemida leather has attracted the attention of commercial customers, such as bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels. ‘Wherever style and sophistication is an important element of the customer ‘offer’, such as in high-end restaurants and bars and in boutique hotels’, Ian said, ‘we’re generating tremendous interest from those specifiers and designers who are keen to explore how the installation of leather furniture built by Chesterfield Sofa Company and created from Artemida designs can help to create a unique and exciting ambience.’ Chesterfield Sofa Company can now offer customers forty Artemida designs, all made of seri-graphed leather, which range from the classical to the contemporary, with colourways embracing everything from vibrant metallics to the most subtle of contrasts. The entire range is produced on high-quality hide to assure pattern uniformity, and most of the designs are available to contract specification Crib 5. ‘The possibilities are endless’, Ian said. ‘Artemida makes fabulous wall panels as well as furniture and here at Chesterfield Sofa Company we can create bespoke pieces, of virtually any shape or size, quickly and economically.’]]>

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