What does a dimple represent?

Beauty and Youth.

Many of us associate dimples with being young, people with dimples are often referred to as having a “cute baby face”. In our Western culture we perceive dimples as being an attractive feature on both women and men alike. In Shakespeare’s ‘Venus and Adonis’, Adonis, the God of beauty and desire in Greek mythology was described as having “in each cheek a pretty dimple”.

Good Luck and Prosperity.

In other cultures, dimples are seen as a sign of good luck and prosperity. Cleopatra is deemed to have had dimples. In the Indian culture, dimples that are seen on a woman when she is smiling, is an indication that the woman is well liked by her husband. In both Asian and Greek cultures dimples are looked upon as a as a sign of attractiveness and truthfulness. Chesterfield sofas have enhanced and beautified our homes of families since the 18th century. Philip Dormer Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield wanted a sofa that was designed to allow a gentleman to sit upright and be depicted as honest and noble whilst remaining comfortable. Apparently Phillip Stanhope didn’t want to slouch on a couch! The Chesterfield Sofa Company have an eye for a stylish design, and like to consider décor and fashion and offer the bespoke chesterfields with a focus love detail – whether that be eclectic, intricate, colourful or eye catching . Our sofas can be ingenuously designed to incorporate a variety of ideas from the customers. We like to be inspired before we create our masterpieces from hand by skilled craftsmen. After all, the world is a beautiful place, and we all can do amazing things if we just open our eyes and take notice of all the little details. However, the traditional leather Chesterfield sofa has remained the same throughout the years, years. Its deeply-buttoned “dimple” effect upholstery, equal height, smoothly rolled arms and back, and the trim of exposed nail heads is most often seen in leather, but can be created in a variety of classic or fashionable fabrics. If you wanting to invest in a new sofa then the timeless classic is the option, the Chesterfield though traditional, has a place in any home’s décor and suitable for all ages. You can create traditional through and through or mix the contemporary modern with the classic traditional sofa or even go ultra-modern with a sleek metallic leather Chesterfield. If you live in a smaller house or apartment, you can still have the luxury of a Chesterfield sofa but invest in a loveseat. Its two-seater design makes it perfect for the cosier living space. The “in” look is the vintage quirky feel, investing in an old chesterfield or having a bespoke one made in distressed leather can allow this look to be created, a well-worn leather Chesterfield sofa is proof that this piece of furniture only gets more superior with age. The genius combination of leather, comfort, and form will always stand the test of time. A leather Chesterfield is something that just gets better with age, wouldn’t you want to invest in a collectible piece of furniture and have it personally hand crafted and produced with love and passion by skilled craftsmen? With its dimples that make us smile and depict truthfulness and honesty let the chesterfield Sofa Company construct your perfect sofa. Give one of our team a call on Freephone (UK): 0800 035 9889 Telephone: +44 (0) 161 341 0398 Heys Industrial Estate, Rockliffe Road, Bacup, Lancashire, Ol13 9QG, England, United Kingdom (UK). Fax: +44 (0) 1706 558 909]]>

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