chesterfield sofa, then what’s the question? Simple really, it’s what do you need to make a top-quality cutting-edge TV drama or comedy? Your characterisation might be great, and your plot structure might be bang on, but if you haven’t got a chesterfield sofa on set, then it seems you’re missing an essential ingredient. Without this British furniture icon, a show would simply be pedestrian. It’s safe to say that the chesterfield sofa has now well and truly progressed from providing a supporting role – the casting couch – and become one of TV’s greatest fixtures. There’s no longer a ‘great’ show worthy of the name if it doesn’t feature Punch these days. Still, not convinced? Well, try these out for starters. ‘Homeland’ – they love their chesterfield sofas, in fact they love them so much that Saul Berenson insists on having at least two in every hotel room he stays in; ‘River’ – how could John River cope with his ‘manifestations, if he couldn’t relax on DCI Read’s luxurious chesterfield sofa; ‘Unforgotten’ – even bad boys like Sir Phillip Cross aren’t immune to the chesterfield sofa’s charms, and ‘Downton’, of course, which needs no further expansion. Throw in ‘Luther’, ‘Broadchurch’, ‘The Bridge’ ‘London Spy’ and ‘Silent Witness’ too for good measure. The ubiquitous chesterfield sofa is also a mainstay of TV comedy – check out ‘Catastrophe’s’ lovely velvet chesterfield sofa for proof of that. Add in a bit of ‘Peep Show’ throw in some ‘Episodes’ sparkle and top with a dusting of ‘Not going Out’ icing and you’ve got it. The chesterfield sofa also features heavily in TV advertising now too. We all remember the Virgin Media chesterfield sofa: well now Amazon fire stick is in on the act too with the latest Clarkson advert and even Lidl has joined the party with its current ‘present wrapping’ advert. It’s chesterfield sofa overload time; and we’re loving every minute of it. But the vital question we should all be asking is why is the chesterfield sofa such a televisual draw? Well, the answer to that is simple: it can be all things to every man and women. It’s flexible, it’s adaptable, it’s beautiful, it’s stylish, it’s practical and it’s affordable. In short it’s the ultimate chameleon of the sofa world. Whether your tastes are traditional and stately or modern and streamlined, there’s a chesterfield sofa out there to suit you, and we supply them all. Who couldn’t be seduced by its slender curves, its deeply buttoned back, its elegant lines and its timeless grace? We know we certainly couldn’t, and by the looks of things neither can TV commission editors and advertisers. It might be over 250 years old, but the chesterfield sofa has definitely still got it. And as they say; when you’ve got it ……. Well, you can fill in the blanks.]]>

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