chesterfield sofa. Now the weather’s turning cold and the nights are drawing in, we all look for comfort and security. We all want to snuggle down, pull up the drawbridge, close the curtains and luxuriate in comfort. What better place to do so than in your own living room nestled on a beautiful bespoke leather chesterfield sofa. Autumn is an odd time of year. To those with poetic aspirations it’s the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness:’ to the rest of us with a more- down- to-earth persuasion, it’s more a case of ‘season of rain and fallow hopelessness’. It’s not like we’ve got that much to look forward to either: there’s little hope that things will get better soon. We know that though autumn may be depressing, it’s merely the hors d’oeuvre to winter’s main course. Is it any wonder we need a comfort blanket? Is it any surprise we crave our own chesterfield sofa? Ah, but what about Christmas? Surely that’s something to lift the spirits? Well, it depends on your point of view, we guess. To some it’s a happy-clappy time of year: a time to reunite with members of our families we fail to see often enough. For the rest of us it’s simply the time when we’re subjected to a constant parade of unwelcome visitors. Relatives we try our best to avoid for the rest of the year, and visitors whose sole aim seems to be taking control of the TV remote. No wonder we need the comfort and security offered by a chesterfield sofa. So our advice is simple. Buy a chesterfield sofa now and prepare for the onslaught. Hunker down, pull down the blinds and let your visitors do their worst over the coming months. Let them arm-wrestle for the control of the remote; let them fight it out amongst themselves. Forget all the pressures that this time of year brings and kick back in your beautiful leather chesterfield sofa. Let the cares of the world melt away whilst you drift off to some happier place.]]>

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