There comes a time in any blogger’s life that a stray thought turns into something completely different, for example:-
We at Chesterfield Sofa Company ( and definitely not dot anything else) have a unique approach to business, we don’t believe in ‘out the box’ thinking. Why? – You may well ask, surely every modern business has to look outside the box in order to succeed?
Chesterfield Sofa Company ( doesn’t look outside the box, because there is no box. Ha!
Could it perhaps be ‘blue sky’ thinking then? Well, lovely idea but in Lancashire the days of clear blue skies are few and far between. When the sun does shine though, you couldn’t be in a more beautiful part of the world… But we digress, that’s what happens when you lose the box, see.
Do we call it blank canvas thinking then?
We are certainly famous for our handcrafted, bespoke furniture. We have a range of Chesterfield sofas, chairs (business or otherwise), chaise longues, sofa beds and the like. We can provide pretty much any kind of covering or create sizes to suit small people, big people and in between people. Choosing furniture is a highly personal decision and no two households or businesses are the same, it is all about personal taste and style. Choosing furniture is like choosing Art. Everyone has their own idea of what is Art, whether it is a wall filled with free postcards stuck onto a purple wall or whether it is an original piece by Picasso.
So yes, Blank Canvas. From this day forth, until we decide otherwise, Chesterfield Sofa Company will be known as the business that starts each day as Artists would, creating Art from a Blank Canvas.
What would be on your Blank Canvass?

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