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Bespoke Chesterfield Furniture

All our Chesterfield sofas and settees are made to order, meaning you can specify the leather, fabric or faux fur, the colour, the firmness and even the size! We can create your furniture to suit your taste or match your decor!
What our customers say about us...
Just a quick email to say how happy our members and I are with the new chesterfield furniture you have supplied for our clubhouse. It looks fantastic and is very comfy!

Mr P Lang, Greenmount Golf Club, England


Handmade Chesterfield Sofas

Welcome to Chesterfield Sofa Company - manufacturers of traditional Leather and Fabric Chesterfield Sofas, Settees and Chairs.

Chesterfield Sofa Company is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of traditional English Chesterfield furniture. We offer a comprehensive selection of the finest leather and fabric Chesterfield sofas and settees, and guarantee that you will be delighted with the elegant and timeless pieces we create for you. All our Chesterfield sofas, settees and chairs are hand-built by our time-served craftsmen in our Lancashire workshop, using only the finest quality leathers, woods and fabrics. We can also manufacture bespoke furniture if you're searching for something a little less traditional. Chesterfield Sofa Company - traditional British craftsmanship at its finest.

Our handmade leather sofas can be found in homes up and down Britain, government offices and presidential palaces in Europe. Should you ever travel on a yacht belonging to Monaco royalty, you may find yourself sitting on one our sofas here too.

An Iconic Design

The distinctive Chesterfield design is instantly recognisable. The smooth curve of the arms, the uniform height running along the back and arms, finished in the finest quality fabric and the signature deep buttoning. And you know, in an instant, you are looking at a quality product. Oozing opulence and sumptuous in every seam detail of the sofa, right down to the parts you cannot see. You just know there has been as much care taken over the interior framing and components, as there has been on the outer layers. This is because the Chesterfield Sofa Company understands this is what you expect and want when you invest in one of our hand crafted sofas, chairs or suites. Not only can you trust the craftsmanship, knowing that every exquisite detail will be there you also know this sofa is your sofa.

What do we mean when we say this?

We do not make our furniture in bulk, storing it in a dusty warehouse, waiting for one to be sold. We make your furniture to your exact specifications.

How we do this?

Choosing the right Chesterfield suite for your home is a decision not to be rushed; you want the right material in the right colour – which is why we send you a batch of five swatches. You can then see, down to the exact colour and grain of the leather which one is right for you.

Here's 10 great reasons
1 - Price Promise
We are confident that you will not find a similar chesterfield sofa at a cheaper price - if you find a similar sofa of equal quality, cheaper, we will beat the price - guaranteed!
2 - High Quality Chesterfield Furniture
We make all the furniture we sell - because of this, we know exactly how they are made and the materials used. And, we don't make demick's. (click here to find out what a demick chesterfield is)
3 - Made To Order
All our chesterfield furniture is made to order - we don't store our furniture in warehouses or units. When we say we are making your chesterfield furniture for you, you can rest assured that we are making your furniture, just as you want it.
4 - We Use Best Quality 'Full-hides' (We Don't Make Demicks!!!)
All our leather chesterfield sofas are made using the finest grade 'full-hides' - some chesterfield makers use scraps of leather, that we would usually throw away, to create the leather covering. This can lead to inconsistencies in colour, finish, texture and most importantly, strength. (click here to find out what a demick chesterfield is)
5 - Hardwood Frames
We use Beechwood for all our frames - we use beech for its durability and its shock absorbing and weight bearing capabilities. All our frames are glued, screwed and dowelled for additional strength.
6 - Bespoke Chesterfield Sofas
When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke - As we make all our chesterfield sofas to order, you have the option of creating truly bespoke furniture. You can choose from over 100 leathers, 2,000 fabrics and a selection of faux furs. You can choose the filling style & its firmness, the woodstain colour and even the size - have your furniture made to a size to suit the living space or your physique. (Our furniture can be made from over 9,000,000 combinations)
7 - Handmade In England
All our chesterfield furniture is made in our Lancashire workshop - you can even visit the workshop to see your furniture being made!
8 - Highly Skilled Craftsmen
All our chesterfield furniture is made by our team of timeserved craftsmen - our team has been making Chesterfield sofas and settees for over 35 years and, as a result, we have a wealth of experience.
9 - We Deliver Worldwide
We can deliver our Chesterfield sofas to virtually any address on the planet! - we have delivered our chesterfield sofas to almost every continent, to destinations including England, Scotland, United States of America, Australia Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Malta, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Austria to name but a few!
10 - We Go The Extra Mile
Choose us if it's high quality service and a high quality chesterfield sofa you want - we know that buying a chesterfield sofa is not a decision most people take lightly, and rightly so. Our friendly team are on hand to help you with your decision making - call us on 0161 341 0398 or email us if you have any questions about our products or service, they will be only too happy to help!

Worldwide Shipping

UK Mainland Delivery £70 per suite (up to 5 seats e.g. 3 seater + 1 seater +1 seater) plus £15 per additional seat.

Our UK Delivery service consists of a specialist 2-man team, who will :

  • Liaise with you to coordinate the delivery
  • Position the furniture in the room of your choice
  • Unpack your Chesterfield furniture, ready for inspection
  • Remove and dispose of all packing materials (we re-use or recylce packing materials where possible)

Your Chesterfield furniture will be unpacked and positioned as your require in the room of your choice and we will remove all packing materials.


Worlwide Delivery is subject to a personal shipping quotation.

We provide a bespoke shipping quotation to ensure you get the best possible price.

Shipping prices can vary dramatically depending on your location, with factors such as distance from the nearest sea port being the primary variable.

All international deliveries are kerb-side delivery only and will typically be delivered by one person, it is your responsibility to arrange assistance to the delivery driver to move the furniture.

Customers outside the EU will be responsible for any local taxes and customs where applicable.

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  • Chesterfield sofa; on-trend whatever the fashion December 16, 2014

    If you’ve been watching the BBC’s recent Home That 2 Built series, you’ll have learned two things: the seventies were a decade best forgotten, and that a chesterfield sofa never goes out of fashion. It just confirms what we’ve always known we guess, and that’s that fashion is temporary, but class is permanent.

    The BBC Two series took a nostalgic and amusing look at its lifestyle output archives to see how it fared as the tastemaker to the nation over the last 50 years. The conclusions …? Well, mixed is probably the best answer to that. What we like to see in our homes and gardens has changed beyond recognition during the decades. The same could be said of what we serve up on our dinner plates too. The only thing you could say with any degree of certainty is that throughout much of the period, taste was ‘lacking’ to say the least. No amount of clever editing or lingering shots of Charlie Dimmock’s water features could disguise the fact that throughout much of the last 50 years the nation’s taste was decidedly dodgy. Thank goodness for the classy and tasteful chesterfield sofa, it probably the only thing that managed to save the day.

    The four part retrospective series on lifestyle charted the rise and fall of lifestyle programming from the 1960s post-rationing middle classes with money to spend and neighbours to steal a march on right through to the money-no-object, devil-may-care attitude of the 90s and early noughties. The series plotted the progress of what once had been fashionable in cookery, gardening and home décor, but was no longer fashionable any more. From Fanny Cradock’s petit fours to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowden’s boudoirs we got to see the good, the bad and the appalling. The one constant throughout the five diverse decades, the one shining beacon is the sea of excess and vulgarity was the good old chesterfield sofa. It brought class to proceedings and proved beyond doubt that there’s no substitute for pedigree. It looked equally at home in the modernistic space-age sixties as it did in the back-to-basics noughties when sensible people finally reined in the worst excesses of the nineties.

    If the BBC decides to repeat the exercise in another 50 years’ time, what do you think they’ll find? Well, we’ll no doubt have gone mad for makeovers once again. We’ll also probably have finessed our food once more and reinvented our gardens. But the one thing that probably won’t have changed is the chesterfield sofa. The next generation of Jilly Gooldens, Diarmuid Gavins and Linda Barkers might persuade us to alter the way we look at wine, gardens and interior decoration when the property market next builds a head of steam, but they won’t change our opinion on classic furniture. In 50 years’ time our love affair with the chesterfield sofa will still live on.

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