Chesterfield Sofa 60 Minute Makeover

We were asked by 60 Minute Makeover Interior Designer, Derek Taylor to create a contemporary Linen Fabric Chesterfield Sofa for the ITV programme.

We think we created the star of the show - would you like to own one?

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The 60 Minute Makeover – 'Medway' Linen Chesterfield Sofa – Want One?

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Derek's brief was quite simple - a chic, stylish and modern three seater Linen Chesterfield settee. We suggested our Bolton three seater, wrapped in Natura Natural Fabric and made to a custom size to fit the intended living space.

Our Bolton range of Chesterfield sofas are available in a comprehensive range, including; 4, 3 and 2 Seater Sofas, 2 and 3 Seater Sofa Beds, Corner Groups, Arm Chairs, Queen Anne Chairs (with or without recliner) and Square or Rectangle Footstools.

Own a sofa like this

Now is your chance to own a sofa just like the one on 60 Minute Makeover - we can create one just like it or we can create a similar one to suit your taste. We have over 100 Leathers, over 2,000 Fabrics and a range of Faux Furs for you to choose from - see our range of finishes here.

Pricing & Sizes

The following prices are for Fabric, Birch Flat or Birch Antique leathers. Additional leathers are available, but carry a surcharge:

4 Seater - £910.00
(252cm wide, 92cm deep, 75cm high)

3 Seater - £826.00
(207cm wide, 92cm deep, 75cm high)

3 Seater Sofa Bed - £1010.00
(207cm wide, 92cm deep, 75cm high)

2 Seater - £789.00
(160cm wide, 92cm deep, 75cm high)

2 Seater Sofa Bed - £968.00
(160cm wide, 92cm deep, 75cm high)

Armchair - £534.00
(107cm wide, 92cm deep, 75cm high)

Queen Anne Chair - £534
(82cm wide, 90cm deep, 107cm high)

Corner Group - see Corner Group page for more details

Square Footstool - £178.00
(45cm wide, 45cm deep, 30cm high)

Rectangle Footstool - £204.00
(60cm wide, 45cm deep, 30cm high)

Custom Size - as we create all our furniture 'to order', we can create your furniture to the size you require.

Please Note: All measurements shown are approximate.

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