Chesterfield sofa; on-trend whatever the fashion

If you’ve been watching the BBC’s recent Home That 2 Built series, you’ll have learned two things: the seventies were a decade best forgotten, and that a chesterfield sofa never goes out of fashion. It just confirms what we’ve always known we guess, and that’s that fashion is temporary, but class is permanent.

The BBC Two series took a nostalgic and amusing look at its lifestyle output archives to see how it fared as the tastemaker to the nation over the last 50 years. The conclusions …? Well, mixed is probably the best answer to that. What we like to see in our homes and gardens has changed beyond recognition during the decades. The same could be said of what we serve up on our dinner plates too. The only thing you could say with any degree of certainty is that throughout much of the period, taste was ‘lacking’ to say the least. No amount of clever editing or lingering shots of Charlie Dimmock’s water features could disguise the fact that throughout much of the last 50 years the nation’s taste was decidedly dodgy. Thank goodness for the classy and tasteful chesterfield sofa, it probably the only thing that managed to save the day.

The four part retrospective series on lifestyle charted the rise and fall of lifestyle programming from the 1960s post-rationing middle classes with money to spend and neighbours to steal a march on right through to the money-no-object, devil-may-care attitude of the 90s and early noughties. The series plotted the progress of what once had been fashionable in cookery, gardening and home décor, but was no longer fashionable any more. From Fanny Cradock’s petit fours to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowden’s boudoirs we got to see the good, the bad and the appalling. The one constant throughout the five diverse decades, the one shining beacon is the sea of excess and vulgarity was the good old chesterfield sofa. It brought class to proceedings and proved beyond doubt that there’s no substitute for pedigree. It looked equally at home in the modernistic space-age sixties as it did in the back-to-basics noughties when sensible people finally reined in the worst excesses of the nineties.

If the BBC decides to repeat the exercise in another 50 years’ time, what do you think they’ll find? Well, we’ll no doubt have gone mad for makeovers once again. We’ll also probably have finessed our food once more and reinvented our gardens. But the one thing that probably won’t have changed is the chesterfield sofa. The next generation of Jilly Gooldens, Diarmuid Gavins and Linda Barkers might persuade us to alter the way we look at wine, gardens and interior decoration when the property market next builds a head of steam, but they won’t change our opinion on classic furniture. In 50 years’ time our love affair with the chesterfield sofa will still live on.

What’s missing in this kitchen? Of course, there’s no chesterfield sofa

What ingredient is missing from the latest series of Masterchef: The Professionals? Yes, you’ve guessed it: a chesterfield sofa. What might otherwise be highly- entertaining and addictive TV viewing is let down by the absence of this iconic piece of English furniture. Why did the producers overlook this fact? Well, your guess is as good as ours. Maybe they thought a traditional chesterfield sofa wouldn’t suit the exposed brickwork and industrial-chic of their new minimalist kitchen, but we can’t help feeling they missed a trick. If they used a contemporary chesterfield sofa, then they’d have been cooking with gas.

Masterchef: The Professionals is in truth the least effective iteration of the Masterchef brand. It lacks the hype and schadenfreude of the celebrity edition, and can’t really compete with the desperation of the amateur version – though the standards there are becoming so good and professional that it’s hard to spot the difference between the two. But this series, missing chesterfield sofa aside, has actually reinvigorated the tired format. You can’t put that down to cheeky-chappie Greg Wallace: he’s simply doing what he always does – cracking jokes and polishing off the desserts.

Maybe it’s simply down to the introduction of the normally-assertive Michelin-starred chef, Marcus Wareing. He’s reputed to be one of the scariest and most-intimidating chefs in the country, but he’s not bared his teeth so far. Maybe he’s saving venting his Northern spleen for the final – here’s hoping. Thank goodness then for Monica Galetti; you wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. Her wild eyes alone are enough to make a grown man cry. Perhaps she should direct that crazy stare at the trendy producers who forgot to book the chesterfield settee.

So who’s likely to be cooking up a storm in the final? Who’ll pass the final invention test with flying colours? Will it be Scottish sous chef, Jamie, London sous chef, Sven, Scottish head chef Brian or one of the remaining semi-finalists Danny or Jonathan? Well your guess is as good as ours. They’ve all got their strengths and they’ve already demonstrated their weaknesses, so it’s still all to play for. They say it’s not the winning, but the taking part that’s important. Well, that’s nonsense. Of course it’s the winning that matters: otherwise why bother entering the competition in the first place? Maybe that’s the real reason for the omission of the chesterfield sofa. It they’d put one on set it would’ve blown the competition away. Modern sofas, however trendy and colourful, simply can’t compete with this particular mastersofa. Let’s face it not all sofas are created equally: some are just more equal than others.

Happiness is a contemporary chesterfield sofa

What have Tyson Fury, Tom Kerridge and Carrie Mathison got in common? Well, they all appear to love a chesterfield sofa. Yes we agree that they may sound like strange bedfellows indeed; but the TV evidence would suggest that the boxer, Michelin-starred chef and CIA counter-intelligence officer definitely have a penchant for the doyen of English furniture design.

In the ring British heavyweight, Tyson Fury is uncompromising, belligerent and aggressive: we suppose it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy when you’ve got a name like that. Away from the ring, however, and he’s now a pussycat. His wild days are a thing of the past. He’s found an inner peace and now spends his downtime sitting on his lovely contemporary chesterfield sofa watching TV and eating his favourite ham, cheese and pickle sandwiches. In the longer term he’s got his sights firmly set on a match up with undisputed world champion Wladimir Klitschko, but for the time being he’s only got eyes for his lovely chesterfield sofa.

Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge, loves his food: maybe not quite as much as he used to, but he still hasn’t lost his appetite. He’s also got an appetite for chesterfield sofas too. How do we know that? Well, he’s got form. On his latest series, ‘Best ever dishes’ he shares the set with a beautiful red velvet chesterfield sofa. Last time around he shared the billing with a grand looking black leather chesterfield settee. The newly slim-line chef divides opinion: some love him, others are less enamoured, but there’s absolutely no doubting that the boy’s got taste when it comes to furniture. More power to your elbow Tom, we say.

CIA Kabul station chief, Carrie Mathison, spends half her time hunting terrorists, and the other half looking lost. Much of that can probably be put down to the bipolar medication the Showtime writers have put her on. Still, she’s a clever so and so. The problem she faces is that whatever she does, for good or bad, she knows there will be unintended consequences. No wonder she looks so sad all the time. She’s never looked contented since she lost Brody; that is until she was drugged by Taslem Qureshi of Pakistani inter-Intelligence Services.

When she woke up in Pakistani Counter-Terrorism Chief’s house she looked completely lost: she didn’t know where she was or who she was. However, things changed when she spotted Aasar Khan’s lovely black leather chesterfield sofa. Did she make a run for it or try to get a message out to her colleagues? No, she most certainly didn’t. She lovingly stroked the chesterfield sofa and smiled for the first time in ages. What long-lost memories that leather sofa stirred up we’ll never know, but it almost brought a tear to our eye. We don’t know much about counter-terrorism, but if we have one piece of advice for Kerrie it’s simply this – go and buy yourself one. If a chesterfield sofa makes you so contented, then it’s a no-brainer – buy one of your own.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, we were glad to see that the BBC found the ‘Missing’ chesterfield sofa. We doubt it’s enough to take the hangdog look off Tony Hughes’ face, or make him finally take his overcoat off, but it was still reassuring for us.

Chesterfield sofas: they’ll be there for you

What puts the icing on the cake when it comes to Friday night television viewing? Well for us, it’s simple: it’s the appearance of a chesterfield sofa, and let’s face it last Friday night’s Graham Norton show didn’t disappoint. The show may have featured a stellar cast of celebrities, but it wasn’t Hollywood ‘A-listers’ Jennifer Aniston, Dustin Hoffman, Judie Dench and Jason Bateman that caught our eyes, and it wasn’t Olly Murs either: it was the lovely velvet chesterfield sofa that opened and closed the show.

Alright so it wasn’t the same sort of sofa that used to feature in the NBC Central Perk set, but that’s beside the point. Anybody highlighting that is just nit-picking. Friends may arguably be one of the most popular TV sitcoms ever broadcast, but the point is it should’ve featured a chesterfield settee. We all know that in our hearts. If you base a show on character, then surely the sofa that’s central to the plot should have character too; and let’s face it few items of furniture can ever compete with a lovely old leather chesterfield sofa when it comes to character.

If you’re lucky enough to own a leather chesterfield sofa then you’ll know they age beautifully. The older and more battered they get, the better they look in our opinion. All the lines and creases they develop over a life time just enhance their aesthetic appeal and add to their character. Now far be it from us to cast aspersions on any of Friday night’s cast, but you wouldn’t necessarily say the same sort of thing about film stars, would you? How many female A-listers have you ever seen with lines and creases? Not many we can bet, and that’s because growing old is not something to be welcomed. Hollywood is the home of eternal youth, albeit with a little bit of surgical assistance and a touch of Botox. Wrinkles are just not in the script.

But as far as we’re concerned you can keep your eternal youth; we’d much rather have the lived-in and lived-on look. Chesterfield Sofas are meant to be used, so enjoy them and treat them like your best friend. Yes they’ll grow old and eventually start to show their age, but their inner beauty remains. Unlike some people you might know they’ll always be there for you.

‘Missing’ – one chesterfield sofa

What’s absent from the latest BBC drama, ‘The Missing’, other than the obvious – Oliver Hughes? There’s no chesterfield sofa, that’s what. Granted the crime series is dramatic, gripping and shrouded in mystery, but it just isn’t the same without a chesterfield settee. Yes they’ve thrown in a couple of chesterfield club chairs, but it still isn’t cutting the mustard for us. Crime dramas need a chesterfield sofa: you only have to look at other BBC dramas like Line of Duty, Silent Witness, Luther and The Fall, for proof of that. These sofas bring a degree of certainty and order in a world turned upside down by darkness and secrecy.

All we know for certain is that Oliver Hughes is missing, after last being seen on a family holiday in Challons Du Bois 8 years ago. We don’t know why he was taken or who’s responsible and won’t find out for some time yet. Which characters we can trust, and who we should believe? Your guess is as good as ours. All we’re left with are questions.

Are Tony and Emily Hughes the wronged parties, or are they in fact really the bad guys? Is Julien Baptiste just a bumbling detective or is as sharp as Columbo underneath that rather worn exterior? Is Mark Walsh, the former Interpol detective a good guy, or just a sleazy and scheming manipulator with a dark secret? Is the wealthy Ian Garret Garrett the real deal and a genuine philanthropist, or is he just manipulating the unfortunate Vincent Bours for his own ends? What game is slimy tabloid journalist, Malik Suri, playing? Why does the sun never shine in Challons Du Bois? Will Tony ever take off his coat and pay for a drink? Questions, questions…. We’d have had something we could hang our hat on if only they’d slipped a chesterfield sofa in there. Something solid and reliable, but no we’re just left hanging there wondering.

So we’ll just have to spend the next 4 or 5 weeks wondering, and hoping that everything will eventually slot into place. With a bit of luck Tony, Emily and Oliver will finally be reunited and it will all end happily. Malik Suri will get his just desserts and Ken Stott can go back to playing a dwarf in Hobitland. With a little more luck, the BBC might pull a flanker and slip a lovely old chesterfield sofa in there just to throw us off the scent. Well, we can’t guarantee that, but we live in hope at least.

Chesterfield sofa coverings: is grey is the new black?

If you’re thinking of investing in a quality chesterfield sofa in time for Christmas, what colour takes your fancy? Well, judging by what we’ve seen on the TV recently we’d have to say the colour of the moment seems to be grey. It’s definitely the ‘in-colour’ for 2014. It all started with the gorgeous Virgin TiVo chesterfield sofa of course. We couldn’t get enough of it at the time, and nor, it seems, could you either.

But time moves on, and now we’re seeing more and more of these little grey beauties on the Gogglebox every week, from the classic grey leather chesterfield settee of Lee Mack’s overbearing rich neighbours, Toby and Anna in ‘Not Going Out’ to the more down-to-earth grey fabric chesterfield sofa that sits proudly in Ronnie Mitchell’s living room in East End terrace. Grey, it appears, is the new black, and looks the part whether you live in a penthouse or a terrace.

Now obviously it’s your home, so you should choose the chesterfield sofa colour that appeals to you most. All we’d say is that grey is definitely a classy looking colour. You might think it would look cold and clinical, but that simply isn’t the case: it just looks cool, stylish and timelessly elegant.

Of course we also have a vast range of other fabric and leather chesterfield sofa coverings you can choose from. In fact our range of sofa covering colours is so extensive that you might be spoilt for choice. We offer a range of 100 of the finest quality leathers and 2,000 fabrics to cater for all styles, budgets and all tastes. We offer a choice of classic leathers in every conceivable colour from our Birch, Birch Antique, Lena, Selvaggio and Rimini collections as well as the modern and contemporary collection – the Artemida range; a unique range of high-quality seri-graphed leather with different designs and surface textures. All our Chesterfield sofas and chairs are also available in a comprehensive range of fabrics from Ross Fabrics and Sunbury Design, as well as a range of sophisticated contemporary Fun Furs. Whatever colour, whatever style – we’ve got it covered.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional leather Chesterfield settee or a contemporary Chesterfield sofa, we just know we’ll have something to tick all the right boxes. We manufacture and stock 17 different styles of Chesterfield sofas and settees from the classic Bolton, Coniston, Gladstone, London and Windsor ranges to the more contemporary Durham, Era, Kensington, Deco and Virgin sofa ranges. We also manufacture Chesterfield occasional furniture and statement pieces along with bespoke, made to measure Chesterfield furniture and leather or fabric office and study Chesterfield tub and wing chairs.

Chesterfield sofas: no hooks, no gimmicks – just traditional British quality

Want to make an impact in the world of advertising? Well, simply put out an advert featuring an iconic chesterfield sofa, and Bob’s your uncle. That’s the theory Nat West are working with at least. When confidence in the banking system is at rock bottom, and banking industry has become the devil incarnate, you need to do something to regain the trust of your customers. You need to show your customers you really care, and you need to do something to reward your existing customers for their continued loyalty. What’s the best way of doing that? What’s advertising masterstroke will reap the biggest reward? Well, a YouTube video featuring a talking leather chesterfield sofa in a shopping centre is Nat West’s answer.

Why a shopping centre? Why a chesterfield sofa? The message is lost on us we’re afraid. What’s the significance and relevance of a chesterfield sofa? What’s a sumptuous chesterfield settee got to do with banking? Well, we’d have to say your guess is as good as ours. We’ve racked our brains and could only come up with the fact that chesterfield sofas are strong and tough: they’re reliable and dependable and won’t let you down. Chesterfield sofas also look stunning. But other than that, we have to say the video’s message is lost on us. Reliability, dependability and beauty aren’t words that you would automatically use to describe the banking industry, particularly at this juncture. We can think of lots of others that are far more appropriate, but we doubt they’d get past the Censor. Maybe the video’s significance can only truly be appreciated by those in the know – those who work in the industry who can spot a subliminal message from a mile away. Sadly that rules us out: we wouldn’t spot a subliminal message if we fell over it. All we would say is ignore the advert, and just feast your eyes on the furniture.

When it comes to advertising our chesterfield sofas we like to play with a straight bat. We don’t go in for gimmicks and subliminal messages. Life’s too short for that sort of caper. We know what our customers want and we also know how to deliver a quality product. We simply like to say it as it is in words that are straightforward and easily understood. We don’t need to search around for angles or hooks. If you want beauty, hand-crafted British quality and fantastic value for money, then buy your chesterfield sofa with confidence from the Chesterfield Sofa Company. Right we’re off to make our own YouTube video.

Chesterfield sofas: suits you, sir

Choosing a sofa is easy – after all, if you want class, style, elegance and sophistication then the only choice has to be a chesterfield sofa. Choosing the colour of your chic chesterfield settee, however, is not quite as straightforward. We all have all our foibles and we all have our own preferred colours, but what appeals to one person won’t necessarily be everyone else’s cup of tea. So what can you do when you can’t agree on the colour scheme for your new front room? Who can you turn to when the chips are well and truly down? That’s also easy – it has to be the Chesterfield Sofa Company. We can give you all the help and advice you’ll ever need, and we can help you make those difficult choices: leather or fabric covering – traditional or modern, our experts can help you make the right decisions.

But what about colour choices? Well, all we’d say is forget our Cilla: the Chesterfield Sofa Company can also sing a rainbow too. Whether you’re going for a bold and vibrant look, like Alan Carr’s gold Chatty man sofa, or the subtle sophistication of our Virgin grey fabric chesterfield sofa, we’ve got the colour and the fabric to suit you. We offer a range of 100 of the finest quality Birch, Birch Antique, Lena, Selvaggio, Rimini and Artemida seri-graphed leathers in every conceivable colour from baby blue and mint to scarlet and purple. Not only do all our leathers look fantastic; they also age well too which is more than be said of certain celebrities.

If you want a fabric covered chesterfield sofa, then we offer over 2,000 fabrics which we’re sure will definitely tickle your fancy. We offer an exclusive range of Ross Fabrics including chenilles, flat weaves and velvets in every conceivable colour and style. We also offer a range of over 1,000 quality Sunbury Design fabrics in a wide variety of colours from white, yellow, orange and scarlet to terracotta, pink, purple, brown and black. If we don’t stock the colour to suit you, we honestly don’t know who does.

We’ve always believed in giving our customer choice, as you can see. But we also believe in giving our customers quality and value for money. When you buy one of our chesterfield sofas you’ll know that you are buying a lovingly-made handcrafted piece of British craftsmanship. But all our sofas also come with a guaranteed price promise too. If you can find another handcrafted chesterfield sofa of equal value cheaper, then we’ll guarantee to beat that price. Now that sounds like a deal breaker to us – suits you sir.

Candidates you’re fired: chesterfield sofa – you’re hired

What’s the difference between one of Lord Sugar’s apprentices and a chesterfield sofa? Well, it’s simply this: both are full of promises, but only one can really deliver. We know you can guess which one’s which. This year’s crop pf apprentices are just as full of it as the last – big on talk and promise, but with little substance. Some claim to be the ultimate selling machines or alpha males, but deep down they’re just wanabees who fancy their 5 minutes of screen fame. They can certainly talk the talk, but unlike a chesterfield sofa, none of them seem to be capable of walking the walk.

Mind you, Lord Sugar is a canny one. All the bluff and bluster won’t cut any ice with him. He knows the real McCoy when he sees it, and frankly the chances of him seeing it this season are slim, if what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by. This week sees the motley crew assemble at the Royal Exchange – home to some of the biggest names in the luxury goods market, and also home to some rather splendid leather chesterfield sofas too. Obviously the Royal Exchange knows class when it sees it.

The candidates’ task is to design and manufacture a fragrant candle to melt shoppers’ hearts. We may not have a crystal ball, but we can confidently predict that it won’t end well. Both teams, Summit and Tenacity, will somehow manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again, but not before we’ve had to sit through another hour of excruciatingly embarrassing and uncomfortable viewing. Frankly we rather just sit and watch the iconic leather chesterfield sofas for an hour, comfortable in the knowledge that they will be still be delivering when this year’s hopefuls are but a dim and distant memory.

Class is permanent after all. We don’t need to make outlandish promises to sell our chesterfield sofas. They sell themselves. All the Chesterfield Sofa Company has to say is this: they’re striking, they’re stylish and they simply ooze class and sophistication. You might even call them ‘decadent’, though we’re not so sure Lord Sugar would take too kindly to that. We don’t need to shout about it, and we don’t need to tell people they’re better than other sofas. We’ll simply let you be the judge of that. Actions speak far more loudly than words. As far as we’re concerned we’d fire the lot of them. There’s only one thing worth hiring in our opinion, and that’s the chesterfield sofa.

Chesterfield sofas: any design, any colour – we’ve got it covered

So you’ve decided to buy yourself a Chesterfield sofa. Well, first we’d like to congratulate you on your impeccable taste, and secondly we’d like to reassure you that you’ve made a very wise choice indeed. Not only will you be getting an iconic piece of British furniture design, but you’ll also be getting a sofa that’s built to last. Unfortunately here comes the bad news. Now you have to start making the really difficult choices. Choices like which style of Chesterfield sofa best suits you and your family lifestyle, what sort of covering you’d prefer and which colour you’d like? Choices choices – so many choices.

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got some more good news for you. Don’t stress about the endless series of choices that seem to be facing you: let the Chesterfield Sofa Company take the strain. We can help you make those difficult choices, and we can bring order where there might otherwise be chaos. We’ve got an incredible range of chesterfield sofas to choose from, and more choices of leather or fabric sofa coverings than you could shake a stick at. Whether you’re looking for a bold and flamboyant Fun Fur Chesterfield sofa or an elegant and sophisticated Virgin fabric-covered Chesterfield settee, we can deliver. We’ve got so many options available that we can say with all confidence that whatever style or whatever colour you’re looking for – we’ve got it covered.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional leather Chesterfield settee or a contemporary Chesterfield sofa, we know we’ll have something to tickle your fancy. We manufacture and stock 17 different styles of Chesterfield sofas and settees from the classic Bolton, Coniston, Gladstone, London and Windsor ranges to the more contemporary Durham, Era, Kensington, Deco and Virgin sofa ranges. We also manufacture Chesterfield occasional furniture and statement pieces along with bespoke, made to measure Chesterfield furniture and leather or fabric office and study Chesterfield tub and wing chairs.

The choices don’t stop there either. We also offer a range of 100 of the finest quality leathers and 2,000 fabrics to cater for all styles, budgets and all tastes. We offer a choice of classic leathers in every conceivable colour from our Birch, Birch Antique, Lena, Selvaggio and Rimini collections as well as the modern and contemporary collection – the Artemida range; a unique range of high-quality seri-graphed leather with different designs and surface textures. All our Chesterfield sofas and chairs are also available in a comprehensive range of fabrics from Ross Fabrics and Sunbury Design, as well as a range of sophisticated contemporary Fun Furs.

Now obviously you’re probably thinking that by offering such an astonishing range of styles, fabrics and coverings all we’re doing is making your task even more difficult. Well, we don’t think so. In fact we actually believe you can never have too many choices. The greater the choice, the more likely it is that everyone will be able to find something to suit their own individual style and budgets. The customer will then be happy, and naturally that makes us happy too.

So don’t stress about your choice of Chesterfield sofa; kick back and relax and let us do all the worrying.